Practice Areas

Neuro Resilience offers immediate long-term effective supports to business and individuals.
Drawing upon mindfulnes and biofeedback training,
we offer both business and people-oriented solutions
 that boost productivity and performance.
Stress Managment


Take control of your physiology and your life through Biofeedback. Gain understanding of thoughts and behaviours leading to negative stress.

Introduce workplace training and screening protocols to manage and identify risk factors for burn out. 


Peak Performance


Get that mental edge to keep you at your best for longer. Learn how to work more effectively with less effort. 

Biofeedback allows you control over aspects of your physiology, including your cognitions. Become more, creative, attentive and switch on for longer. 


Scientific Consultation 

Using a broad multidiciplinary approach to any issue Neuro Resilience offers different perspectives and solutions to complex world and bussiness issues. Using a scientific apporach to methodically pick apart where improvements can be made or new possibilites arise is key to finding out how your issues can take a new direction.


​Access a deeper level of understanding of any scientific issue. Taking a wholistic view of issues in terms of their full impact on the word, community, individual right down through the biological to base physics our research methodology and results can deliver new tools and methods for you to change and improve any aspect you seek to. 

Corporate Wellbeing 

​Corporate organisational structures can lead to poor work performance, burn out and decresed productivity. Through enriched job design and structural boundary setting these issues can be minimised and personal performance and productivity increased. 




Traumatic experinces can cause abnormally long sensations of fear, helplessness and grief. These emotions can cause a range of issues biologically, psychologically and socially. Neuro Resilience offers effective, systematic stratergies to assist with the the negative impacts of trauma. We also help build resilience factors in those exposed to potentially traumatic experiences. Our stratergies wholeistically address biological, psychological and socail impacts of trauma.