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Control your thoughts

Ancient wisdom supported by science 

Simple and advanced practices that allow you to optimise your wellbeing

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a range of everyday practices, which can create different thinking patterns.  


Mindfulness has been described as

"Awareness of present moment with acceptance.”

Christopher Germer 2009

Learning mindfulness can help improve a number of issues including:

  • Attention and memory

  • Stress management 

  • Critical thinking

  • Emotinal regulation

  • Energy and happiness

  • Creativity

  • Balance 

  • Workplace productivity

Neuro Resilience - Balance

3 basic principals of Mindfulness

Noticing the present moment with intentional awareness 

Open to immediate sensations rather than being preoccupied by abstractions.

Willing to allow our thoughts, feelings and perceptions without judgment 

How does Mindfulness work?

Mindfulness works by controlling and directing attention to particular thoughts and sensations.


Doing this with intentionality structures, regulates and normalises thinking patterns. By doing this self-awareness is improved leading to a better understanding of our environment. Meaning that we make better decisions and improve multiple aspects of our lives. 

Mindfulness activates and strengthens important brain regions that underpin key cognitive functions. Repeated practice allows these brain regions and activity patterns to become dominant resulting in improved cognitive capabilities.

Neuro Resilience - Brain Ink
How long does it take?

Mindfulness is a cumulative process, the effects build upon themselves.


After an initial consultation and basic training, usually only one or two hours, its up to you to practice.


A minimum of 15 minutes of self-directed-practice per-day for 8 consecutive weeks is usually recomended. 


Depending upon the individual and their presenting sympotms on-going guidance might be desireable. 


The effects of mindfulness once established are self largely sustaining, but do require some degree of consistent individual practice. 

Neuro Resilience
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