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Control your physiology

Drug Free, Non Invasive, Real, Lasting Treatment.


Thats safe, effective and easy.


Biofeedback offers you the possibility to live the life that you and your loved ones have always wanted.


Take control of your life, with a wide range of practices and technology focused on helping you live your life to the fullest. We are here for you.

What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a range of techniques to gain voluntary control of physiological functions, which are normally regulated without conscious awareness.


By tapping into these physiological functions you can take control of your body rather than being controlled by it.



Neuro Resilience - Biofeedback
What physiology can Biofeedback control?
Brain Function
Neuro Resilience - Neuro Feedback

The Brain produces electrical pulses to transmit information.


The speed at which these signals are sent and the power of the signal are

measurable and controllable aspects of brain physiology. The speed of signalling transmits different types of information in the brain, underpinning the thoughts and behaviours that arise from them.


The relative power of these signals is out of balance when we experience cognitive and behavioural issues. 


Through biofeedback the relative proportions and power of these signals can be changed to establish new stable patterns, improving mental function.

Neuro Resilience - Neuro Feedback
Heart & Peripheral Nervous System Function
Neuro Resilience - Heart Rate Variability

The brain and heart maintain a two-way interaction, each affecting the functionality of the other.


The brain-heart interaction is involved in numerous cognitive processes including,

the stress response, emotional regulation, sensory perception, headaches, pain perception and higher cognitive functions. 


The Heart Rate is a measure of the balance within this interaction. When you are stressed or something has gone wrong, the Heart Rate increases as part of the fight or flight response. The fight or flight response activates the Sympathetic and deactivates the Parasympathetic components of the Peripheral Nervous System. 


Through Heart Rate Variability training, a form of biofeedback, you can learn to control the heart rate and balance the Brain-Heart interaction. Improving this connection has positive effects on both body and mind. 

The Peripheral Nervous System
Neuro Resilience - Heart Rate Variability
How long does it take?

Biofeedback is a cumulative process, the effects build upon themselves.


After an initial consultation, training usually takes 10-20 sessions, but sometimes more sessions are required. 


Depending upon the individual and their presenting sympotms each session can last only minutes up to an hour.


The effects of biofeedback once established are self largely sustaining only requiring repeat sessions in rare occaisons. 

Neuro Resilience
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