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Stress Management and Peak Performance
Biofeedback and Mindfulness

Being at your best is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity for success.


Stressors in the modern world continually impact

our wellbeing and performance.

At Neuro Resilience we assist you to strengthen 

your self-awareness and inner-balance via 

integrated Biofeedback and Mindfulness training.

Optimise your physiology and mindset 

to manage stressors effectively and grow your potential. 

 Drug Free 


 Mindfulness and biofeedback are  scientifically robust and effective means of managing a broad range of issues.  Everyone can learn to regulate their minds and physiology through a number of techniques and the assistance of cutting edge biofeedback technology. No is medication required,

 it's simply exercise for the brain and nervous system.

Non Invasive


Training is easy, safe and has immediate effects. Sensors are placed on the head to monitor  brain and heart activity. 

Trainees interact with their physiology in real time through

 observing on screen brain and heart acitivity patterns. By learning to control their physiology anyone can improve self-awareness and self-regulation.  

Lasting Treatment


Training establishes desirable physiological activity through learning. With practice, it creates long-term positive change. Each session strenthens new physiological patterns until they become the norm. This learning develops sustainable new brain patterns and pathways, which underpinning improved ways of thinking and acting. 

Neuro Resilience practices are based on the latest neuroscience findings, guiding clients to build mental robustness. Whether it's managing stress or improving potential we provide effective and scientifically documented training to put your mind and body into a sustainably improved performance state. You can expect to be thinking more clearly, creatively, have a longer attention span, better problem solving and increased productivity, while remaining relaxed.

Practice Areas

Stress Management

Peak Performance



Traumatic Brain Injury


Sleep Issues

Headache & Migraine

Corporate Wellbeing



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